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Production process——

Quality control——

Health control—— Food events will be done fine

Let every customer enjoy a good professional quality, is a repeat of food vocation where.

Dedication to health food as our duty, we consciously abide by industry standards, and customize a higher standard. In the full implementation of ISO9000 and HACCP system at the same time, we take the lead in the industry to import 10 health control standards, including personnel health, environmental cleaning, temperature control, humidity control, thorough sterilization, clean water, precision ingredients, intelligent baking, Check and time to improve the system mechanism, from the source to start, from the details of the control to the system constraints to the standard specification to "pharmaceutical" standard to create a healthy, clean production workshop.

Purify every drop of water, select each of the raw materials, optimize each process, clean each device, Yanzha every test, repeat the food to launch full participation, the implementation of supervision, to promote health control standards in every corner of the enterprise To achieve seamless coverage.

Strict quality inspection—— To maintain the extreme vigilance to prevent the occurrence

Quality first, always is the fundamental management of food recall. We regard the quality as the lifeline of the enterprise, always adhere to the quality problem, one vote.

We set up from the raw material testing, environmental testing, product testing, packaging materials testing and carton testing, including 106 quality inspection processes, layers of filtration, to maintain extreme vigilance to prevent the occurrence of the event. Not only that, we also established the "1 = 100" quality traceability principle, once found a nonconforming product, 100% of the whole batch of re-inspection, would rather sacrifice efficiency and cost, never miss any potential quality risks.

Strict and even harsh quality inspection system, so that we have won the national quality inspection and stability of qualified products, the integrity of the quality of commitment to outstanding enterprises, China's top ten baked brand enterprises, the Chinese food industry's most competitive brands and many other top ten awards.

Advanced equipment——

Technical research——

Accurate raw material ratio can make delicious fermentation on the tongue. In order to create one of the most delicious allotment, researchers can test hundreds of times, in order to find the best quality, the most suitable raw materials, R & D personnel to continue to try hundreds of times. Every product needs to go through 7 steps to test the production, any one link must be re qualified. So in the course of 1-2 years of brewing and accumulation, delicious products can meet you.

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