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Sales Network
Sales Network

Channel expansion—— 1000 "brand special zone"

Channel is the artery of brand marketing, and market sales closely related to the breadth of its coverage, the depth of penetration, the speed of circulation.

In more than 3 thousand cities and counties, Huitouke Food continuously strengthens and upgrades the sales network, expands the coverage area of the county area, has successfully created a 1000 "brand zone", to establish a county-based distribution, distribution to the town of flat channels.

Huitouke Food brand special zone, the special is mainly reflected in the following three areas:

First, the star single product traction:
In the channel expansion, Huitouke Food quickly seizes the market with traction mode of star product. Based on the leading advantage on a single product, continuously expand the market share of other products, and ultimately to achieve a pattern with comprehensive brand products blooming.

Second, the model market replication:
With the full force of the regional market core, successfully creates a brand model market in South China, Central China and North China. At the same time, apply the excellent operation experience of model market in the expansion of the potential market in southwest and northeast, quickly start to achieve breakout.

Third, strengthen the terminal marketing:
Refine the terminal, strengthen the marketing, Huitouke Food comprehensively support the terminal operation of full distributors, keep the exposure intensity, promotion degree, distribution density, activated terminal vitality, to stimulate sales potential.

In next three years, Huiyouke Food will respond quickly to the market demand for food supply, to achieve new monthly extension of the 1000 sales outlets, and create another brand special zone, the development goals of the 1000.

Terminal marketing—— Over 1 million terminal sales outlets

Allow dealers to win considerable, visible, sustainable return on profitability, which is the cooperation concept always carried out by Huitouke Food.

In order to boost the dealer's market operation, the past simple trading relationship between dealers and us should be changed, the two sides jointly set goals, form a strategic alliance. With the support of new manufacture-vendor relations, transform the distributors to the “market” of the Huitouke Food, with a higher-quality management, faster expansion network, enhancement marketing ability.

In many regional markets, the single products of Huitouke Food rankes the top three for many years. With the long-term accumulation of customer reputation and business reputation, we form close relationship with RT mart, Carrefour, Beijing Wumart, Lotte Mart, Tesco, BBK, WAL-MART, Xinhua, Su Guo, Huarun vanguard, century Hualian, Yonghui supermarket, rainbow and other hundreds of domestic and international large supermarkets. Based on the original channel, Huitouke Food also opens the online shopping, group purchase and thousands of countryside channels, covering from the city to the township, laying over 1 million terminal outlets.

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